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Joy’s Video: BNP-Jamaat responsible for recent communal violence in Bangladesh

Joy’s Video: BNP-Jamaat responsible for recent communal violence in Bangladesh

Reiterating his mother and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s commitment to provide security for Hindus in Bangladesh, Sajeeb Wazed Joy has called for strong punishment for the perpetrators of the recent bout of communal violence in the country.

Calling the attacks on Hindu temples since October 13 as the most “deplorable in the country’s history”, Joy used his social media account to counter the “conspirators” who staged the drama of desecrating the Holy Quran at a Durga Puja venue in Cumilla.

Terming the alliance between Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat–e-Islami as the “evil ghosts of Pakistan in Bangladesh”, Joy held those radical parties responsible for the attacks on temples in as many as 12 districts across the country that left seven people dead.

He said those parties have a long track record for “playing the religion card” in the country’s politics.

“A vested quarter was pushing the country into the pit of darkness by misrepresenting Islam and instilling intolerance among people. BNP and Jamaat have always played their religion card, turning Muslims against non-Muslims and creating apprehension among people. This time it was no exception.”

Sharing a video of the violence, Joy dubbed the “recent spate of attacks as a deep rooted conspiracy against the country”.

Only within 300 meters from the mandap is the residence of Cumilla City Mayor Monirul Haque Sakku, who has been nominated from BNP, the narration on the video added.

Elaborating on BNP’s role following the violence, he alleged that “this party is constantly blaming the government for the recent religious violence.”

“But, while people, in general, are coming to the street to protest against the communal clashes, BNP has not launched any protest. Rather, they are desperately trying to save the main culprit Iqbal who placed the Quran on the lap of a Hindu idol at the dead of the night.”

On the involvement of the activists and leaders of Nurul Haq Nur’s party behind the attack on temple in Chttogram, the video mentioned “Police arrested, by observing the CCTV footage, 10 people on charge of attacking the mandap at JM Sen Hall in Chittagong.

Among them, nine are the leaders and activists of different wings of the political party founded by Nurul Haque Nur, who has already played a vital role in the anti-government propaganda.

“In the past, BNP and Jamaat activists took to the street with the banner of Nur’s party and clashed with police only to foil the celebration of the 50th birth anniversary of Bangladesh. Centring that issue, Hefajat activists tried to create instability in the country”, the video narration read.

Reminding the inclusion of secularism as one of the founding pillars of Bangladesh by his grandfather, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Joy said, “Banganahdu established secularism as one of the pillars of the constitution. Bangabandhu initiated a culture of communal harmony in Bangladesh.”

Joy referred to the rise of “Pakistan backed political parties and government in his country following the assassination of Banganahdu, along with most members of his family on August 15, 1975.

In the video Joy said “Following his( Bangabandhu’s) assassination, military rulers virtually ripped that constitution apart. That darkest period witnessed the rise of the Pro-Pakistan political party and the government. The spirit of the Liberation War was fading away.”

The secularism principle was removed from the Bangladesh constitution in 1977 by then president Gen Ziaur Rahman and replaced with a statement of ‘absolute trust and faith in Almighty Allah’.

Islam was declared the State religion in 1988. In 2010, under Sheikh Hasina at the helm of the government, the Bangladesh Supreme Court restored secularism to the constitution, he mentioned.UNB

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