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Victory Day celebrated across country

Victory Day celebrated across country

DHAKA; The 49th Victory Day was celebrated yesterday across the country coinciding with the national level programmes as the people from all walks of life renewed their pledges to build a developed Bangladesh upholding spirit of the War of liberation.

In Rajshahi, the Victory Day was celebrated in the divisional city as well
as different parts of the district.

Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC), divisional and district administrations,
Police administrations, scores of political, socio-cultural, voluntary and
professional bodies as well as trade organisations placed wreaths at
different Shaheed Minars at Bhuban Mohan Park, Rajshahi College, Talaimari, Rajshahi University, Police Lines and Collectorate Building.

City and district units of Bangladesh Awami League celebrated the day
through various programmes like victory rally, placing of wreaths, discussion meeting and other cultural functions.

Mayor of RCC AHM Khairuzzaman Liton placed wreaths at Bhuban Mohan Park first followed by scores of distinguished people including leaders of different political parties.

In the early morning, streams of people irrespective of age and sex
thronged the city streets leading to the Shaheed Minars.

The programmes also included hoisting of the national flag atop all public
and private buildings, illumination and decoration of road islands, street
sides, educational institutions and buildings with national flag and coloured miniature posters and banners.

In Khulna, the 49th Victory Day was celebrated by paying rich tributes to
the martyrs along with persecuted women during the great Liberation War in 1971.

To mark the day, different government, semi-government and autonomous bodies, educational institutions, political parties and professional organisations observed different programmes.

Khulna district administration celebrated the day by placing wreaths at the memorial erected for commemorating the martyrs killed in Gallyamari here in the morning.

In Rangpur, the people from all walks of life celebrated the Victory Day
with colourful programmes amid festivities paying rich tributes to the

The day was celebrated with a renewed call to prepare complete list of
Razakars and ensure their trial along with disseminating true national

Thousands of cheerful people attired with red-green coloured dresses
started rushing to the Central Shaheed Minar in the city since zero hours and continued placing wreaths there till this noon.

With the sunrise, 31-gun salutes were heralded at the Police Lines ground followed by hoisting of the national flag atop all government, semi-government and private buildings, placing of wreaths at the Independence Memorial ‘Arjan’, Central Shaheed Minar and Mural of Bangabandhu at Bangabandhu Square in the city.

Mayor of Rangpur Mostafizar Rahman Mostafa, officials of the divisional
and district administrations, Rangpur Range Police, Rangpur Metropolitan
Police (RpMP), district police, leaders of Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad placed wreaths there.

In Jamalpur, the Victory Day was celebrated amid befitting manner in the

District Administration, freedom fighters, political parties and various
social and cultural organisations organized elaborate programmes to mark the day.

The programme included placing wreath at the memorial, discussion ,
cultural function, photo exhibition, friendly sports competition and
reception to the freedom fighters.

In Panchagarh, the Victory Day was celebrated today through organizing
various programmes.

District administration, freedom fighters, political parties and various
social and cultural organizations arranged different programmes.

In observance of the day, a colourful march past, discussion, cultural
function, photo exhibition, sports competition and reception to the freedom
fighters were held.

The Victory Day also was celebrated in other divisions, districts as well
as upazilas amid festivity and fanfare remembering with gratitude millions of
martyrs who made supreme sacrifices to liberate the country from the clutches
of the Pakistan occupation forces through a nine-month bloody war.

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