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Vegetables supply yet to see normalcy

Staff Correspondent: Supply of vegetable in the city’s kitchen markets was inadequate yesterday as the countrywide incessant downpour damaged the vegetables fields in many parts of the country which also resulted in price hike of various vegetable items including green chilly.

In the city’s kitchen markets at Uttara, Rampura, Maddya Badda and Khilgaon, green chili was sold at Tk 120 to 140 per kg while it was selling at Tk 40 to Tk 60 in the retail markets before Ramadan.

In the wholesale market at Karwan Bazar, green chili was sold at Tk 60 per kg yesterday.

The price of dry chili, a substitute of green chili, remained unchanged at Tk 200 per kg in retail markets.

“Supply of green chili is inadequate and it will continue till this month as the recent heavy rainfall severely damaged green chili fields,” a wholesaler at city’s Kaptan Bazar told this correspondent.

There is a shortage of local fish in the kitchen markets due to the heavy downpour, but the prices remained unchanged, traders said.

In the city’s different kitchen markets yesterday, coarse rice was selling between Tk 34 to Tk 38 a kg while najirshail was retailing at Tk 52 per kg, pyjam at Tk 38 per kg, kataribhogh at Tk 60 to 65 per kg and Irri at Tk 36 per kg.

In the city’s retail markets it was found that a big-sized hilsha was sold at Tk 1200 while the middle-sized and small-sized were selling at Tk 600 and Tk 300, a big-sized Pangas fish was sold at Tk 300 per kg while the small-sized at Tk 140 per kg, koi (local) at Tk 400 to Tk 600 per kg, ruhi (small) at Tk 180 per kg and big-sized was selling at Tk 280 per kg in the retail markets yesterday.

Small variety of fishes including mola was sold at Tk 280 per kg, kukchi at Tk 260 per kg in the kitchen markets yesterday.

In most of the city’s retail markets, onion was selling at Tk 40 a kg, onion (India) at Tk 30 per kg, ginger (foreign) at Tk 60 per kg while local jinger at Tk 75 per kg, garlic at Tk 70 per kg, large-sized garlic (foreign) at Tk 60 per kg, lentil at Tk 90 per kg, potato at Tk 16 per kg, tomato at 80 per kg, patal at Tk 40-42 per kg, egg at Tk 26 per hali (four pieces), brinjal at Tk 50-60 per kg, chicinga at Tk 40, spinach (pui shakh) at Tk 20 per kg and red spinach (lal shakh) at Tk 40 per kg, lady finger was sold at Tk 40 per kg.

Sugar was selling at Tk 65 and soya oil at Tk 110 per kg in the city’s kitchen markets as per government’s fixed price.

Sobhan Mia, a trader in the city’s Meradia Bazar, told daily sun that supply of vegetables was insufficient in the markets due to recent heavy downpour.

Local chicken was selling between Tk 120 to Tk 450 per piece while boiler chicken was selling at Tk 150 per kg.

The prices of crushed spices remained un-changed. Turmeric was selling at Tk 300 a kg and coriander seeds (dhania) was retailing at Tk 120 per kg.

Per kg of beef was selling at Tk 260 and mutton at Tk 400 to 420 in the city’s kitchen markets, as per government-fixed prices.

In retail markets, Dano brand powder milk was sold at Tk 535 per kg, Marks at Tk 445 per kg, Red Cow at Tk 530 per kg and Diploma brand at Tk 535 per kg.

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