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Quota reform movement becomes ploy of BNP-Jamaat: FM

Quota reform movement becomes ploy of BNP-Jamaat: FM

DHAKA: Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali yesterday said that the ongoing “Quota Reform” movement has become a ploy of BNP-Jamaat, who wants to disrupt stability and progress of the country.

“The movement for ongoing ‘Quota Reform’ has been marred by violence and acts of terror, which are similar to the violence that took place in 2014 committed by BNP-Jamaat,” he said.

Briefing foreign diplomats stationed here this afternoon, Ali said that the quota system was introduced in 1972 as an affirmative action to promote inclusive representation of people of various social, economic and cultural background in government jobs.

Giving details, he said that quota for women, persons with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities and descendants of freedom fighters were introduced to promote opportunities for marginalized groups of the society.

However, he said that majority of personnel recruited through BCS examination system are appointed from merit list.

In 33rd BCS held in 2012, personnel recruited through merit was 77.4%; in 35th BCS held in 2015, it was 63.69% and in 36th BCS held in 2016, it was 70.38%, he added.

The foreign minister said that even after assurances from the Prime Minister, a vested quarter hijacked the demonstrations and created anarchy on the campus.

He expressed disappointment at the statements issued by some members of the diplomatic corps in this regard.

Ali also briefed the session about the human rights situation in Bangladesh reiterating that the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was committed to protect and promote human rights in Bangladesh.

He informed that during the 3rd cycle of Universal Periodic Review of human rights situation in Bangladesh, held in the Human Rights Council in Geneva, 105 countries appreciated Bangladesh for promoting and protecting human rights.

About government’s remarkable success in socio-economic sectors, he referred to the UN Secretary General’s recent visit to Bangladesh when he commented that Bangladesh is an “economic miracle”.

Regarding Rohingya issue, he said Bangladesh is trying to ensure safe and sustainable return of forcibly displaced Mayanmar nationals to their homeland although it is facing formidable challenges of hosting 1.1 million Rohingya people.

“We are trying to ensure their safe and sustainable return to Myanmar,” he added.

The foreign minister said that Bangladesh strived to create a democratic, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, peaceful and prosperous country.

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