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PM : asks Khaleda ‘to go to Pakistan’

Staff Correspondent :  The Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has said Opposition Leader Begum Khaleda Zia has no right to stay in Bangladesh as she and her some associates declared to throw away country’s Constitution to dustbins. She should rather migrate to Pakistan, Hasina said.

Addressing the meeting of AL Central Working Committee (ALCWC) at her official Ganobhaban residence on Wednesday afternoon, Shiekh Hasina said, “As BNP Chairperson Begum Zia is favouring the caretaker government system, so all cases lodged against her during the immediate-past caretaker government will continue.

” Agency adds: Prime Minister said, “BNP and its allies are serving the interest of defeated forces of Liberation War. They wanted to throw the holy Constitution to dustbins. How audacious they are! They do not believe in the country’s independence and sovereignty.” Strongly commending the opposition leader’s remark on the constitution, the Prime Minister said that if she (opposition leader) would have respect toward the constitution, she could not make such remarks.

 “She has forgotten that 30 lakh people sacrificed their lives and two lakh mothers and sisters sacrificed their honor to attain the constitution of independent Bangladesh.” Referring to a condolence message of the then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia on the death of a Pakistani General, Hasina said that being a prime minister she (Khaleda) had sent a condolence message on the death of a Pakistani General. “We all know where her (Khaleda) heart lies.

” She alleged that the opposition leader and Jamaat are trying to save the war criminals and the killers of Ivy Rahman and others who lost their lives in the August 21 grenade attack. “But they would never be able to save the killers and the war criminals,” she said. The Prime Minister said that during the Awami League’s upcoming sitting the Election Commission, the party will emphasize on further strengthening the Election Commission.

 “The Election Commission is independent now. It will be further strengthened to arrange elections in free and fair manner.” She said the Awami league government never tries to influence the Election Commission. Hasina said that with the 15th amendment to the constitution, avenues of grabbing the state power unconstitutionally that had began after the killing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman have been stopped forever. She said: “People have got their power back through this (15th) amendment.

This amendment has safeguarded the people’s empowerment.” The premier said the opposition leader is now “crying” for the caretaker form of government, but when the Awami League in the past spoke about this, she (the opposition leader) had commented that none is neutral except a mad person or a kid. “If she (Khaleda Zia) demands the caretaker system of government, she has to admit that the last caretaker government had done the right thing by filing corruption cases against her and her sons.

” She said that it was the last caretaker government which found out that Khaleda Zia had “plundered the money of orphans under the Zia Orphanage.” Hasina said the people now want to see the country’s democracy running uninterruptedly and economic emancipation is attained. Listing various development works done by the preset government, she said that on Tuesday total electricity generation was 4,993 MW which was the highest after the government assumed power.

The Prime Minister said the previous Awami League government had increased power generation to 4300 MW from 1600 MW, but after taking office this time the government found the power generation at 3100/3200 MW. “They (BNP government) did not do anything for increasing the power generation as they know only to plunder people’s money.

” She said the present government would not let people suffer from any crisis. “We are importing food at higher price and supplying people at lower price.” Hasina said the government is making all out efforts so that people do not suffer during the ensuing holy month of Ramadan. Issuing a stern warning against hoarding to increase prices of essentials during the Ramadan, she said: “We are keeping close watch so that none can hoard food to make extra profit at the cost of public suffering.” Meanwhile, the ALCWC meeting was in progress till the filing of the report at 9.30 pm yesterday.

 According to sources, the meeting would finalise party’s draft proposals with regard to bring some changes in the Representation of the Peoples’ Order (RPO) which the AL would submit to the Election Commission in the upcoming dialogue with the EC .

 Besides, the meeting will decide the next course of action and finalise the political strategies how to strengthen the Awami League -led grand alliance at the prevailing political situation Against the backdrop of the BNP-led opposition’s steps for strengthening the four-party alliance, the AL high commands would seek opinions of the central party leaders in this regard, the source added.

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