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PM asks DCs to get tough on muscle power, terrorism

PM asks DCs to get tough on muscle power, terrorism

DHAKA:-Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked the deputy commissioners (DCs) to take stern actions against tender mongers, extortion, muscle power and terrorism.

Inaugurating the three-day DC Conference, the prime minister said the deputy commissioners have to take tough actions for peace in industrial areas and make easy goods transportation and export and import.

“You will do this without any hesitation and without seeing party affiliation,” she said adding that “if anybody creates any obstacle, I request you as the head of the government and daughter of the Father of the Nation, please contact me in this connection.”

“We want to ensure public security by eliminating those menaces,” she said urging the field level officials particularly the district bosses to come up with their thoughts and suggestion to prepare the development plan for 2041.

State Minister for Public Administration Ismat Ara Sadeque and PM’s Principal Secretary Md. Nozibur Rahman and Cabinet Secretary Md. Shafiul Alam also spoke at the conference held at Prime Minister Office (PMO).

Divisional commissioner of Rajshahi Md. Nur Ur Rahman, deputy commissioner (DC) of Naogoan Mizanur Rahman, DC of Chuadanga Ziauddin Ahmed, DC of Munshigang Shaila Farzana spoke on the occasion on behalf of the divisional commissioners and deputy commissioners.

Deputy Commissioners’ (DCs) Conference is an annual meeting of the heads of districts with policy makers of the government aimed at discussing policy matters and development strategies to gear up the field level administration.

The conference plays an active role in determining and solving the problems and strategies for implementation of government policies and programmes at the grassroots level.

Ministers, PM’s advisers, state ministers, deputy ministers, senior secretaries and secretaries concerned attended the function.

She asked the DCs to submit their proposals and suggestions for finalizing the 2021-2041 development plan.

“We are preparing a perspective plan for 2041. We want your concept to make the plan,” the prime minister said asking them to abandon colonial mindset and work with service oriented mentality and honesty to take forward the country.

The prime minister said the Deputy Commissioners’ Conference is an opportunity for direct exchange of views of field officials with the policy level of government. This is very important for taking the right decisions and for their successful implementation of those, she said.

“Whatever plan we take for development, it depends on you for execution,” the prime minister said.

Sheikh Hasina said people of Bangladesh are getting benefit of development because of the continuation of the government for two consecutive terms this time.

The progress should be continued to achieve the cherished goal of independence, and make Bangladesh a poverty and hunger free nation, she said.

The prime minister said Bangladesh will celebrate the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation in 2020 and the golden jubilee of independence in 2021. Before that Bangladesh would emerge as a middle income country, she said.

The prime minister said her administration has done a lot of development work as it’s in charge of the government for two consecutive terms. The unprecedented progress in the socio-economic sector has been possible due to the continuity of the government, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said ultimate aim of the present government is to build a happy, prosperous, justified, knowledge-based ‘Digital Bangladesh’ free from the curses of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, militancy and communalism.

In this case, the role of the divisional commissioners and deputy commissioners is very important, she said adding that you have to avoid colonial mentality and work honestly with an attitude of service to move forward the country.

The prime minister urged the deputy commissioners for conducting regular surveillances to prevent the public from being harassed or deprived of any kind of public service.

She called for continuation of the anti-drug operation and protecting the youths from the menace.

She also asked them to work with more devotion to maintain peace, discipline and stability in all areas, eliminating militancy, terrorism and communalism.

The prime minister asked the deputy commissioners to take care of the development of rural infrastructure, development of potential local small and medium industries and for creating employment opportunities to alleviate poverty.

She asked the DCs to play a leadership role in development of information and communication technology, establishing good governance at the grassroots level and for working together with the public representatives.

Sheikh Hasina said all steps should be taken to increase the rate of women education and bring the dropout students back to the mainstream.

In order to increase transparency and efficiency in the land administration, the prime minister asked the deputy commissioners to take effective steps to protect and management of the government lands.

The prime minister asked the deputy commissioners to take necessary steps to ensure the supply of fertilizers, seeds, electricity, energy etc. to increase agricultural production, create mass awareness to prevent marketing of adulterated food.

On strengthening the health and well-being of the poor and disadvantaged people, she said the community clinic activities should be strengthened while public awareness should be enhanced to protect the environment and proper application of laws and regulations in this regard.

The prime minister urged the deputy commissioners to raise a fund in their respective areas to rehabilitate beggars, assuring them giving a matching fund for the cause.

Sheikh Hasina also urged deputy commissioners to raise awareness among people particularly school children about cleanness and traffic rules.

She instructed them for taking proper plans for mitigation of natural disaster and helping the people getting public services.

The prime minister also called for increasing surveillance on women and children to prevent trafficking, dowry, eve teasing and child marriage.

Sheikh Hasina asked the DCs to undertake special measures for the welfare of the disabled, autistic and backward communities.

Beauty of the mountainous areas, forests, river, water bodies, livestock and the alpine mountains should be preserved, she said.

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