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Morshed Alam,Chairman, Bengal Group of Industries, RTV

Morshed Alam,Chairman, Bengal Group of Industries, RTV

Bengal Group of Industries is made up of a number of different Industries that operate in diversified fields like plastic processing, chemicals, food processing and trading. The Group holds strong leadership position in the plastic sector of the country, being the Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastic Extruded & Injection Molded Products. Leading a team of more than 3000 people. The Group is Significantly & Continuously Contributing to the economy in the form of Foreign Currency Earner, Producing Import Substitution Items and Generating employment opportunities on a regular basis.

Bengal Group of Industries started with only one hand-moulding machine. It is the story of 1969. The heart of Bengal Group of Industries Mr. Morshed Alam started his business with the help of a single modern hand driven moulding machine. He started to make spare parts in post-liberated Bangladesh in 1969, which had been imported from India and Europe. In 1972 he imported 06 nos. of Machines from Hong Kong and began to produce plastic materials and distribute them by using modern technology meeting the demand of markets. He started to make Jug, Mug, Plate and plastic oriented materials for domestic use. He began to export hanger to foreign countries after meeting the demand of export oriented garments. Besides distribution in the country these hangers are being exporting to various countries of America-Europe. Bengal Group of Industries is producing Pail/Container used in Poly-bags, Strapping bags, Adhesive tape, Cement/Fertilizer bag, Threat cone, Paint -color, different food utensils used in Biman, crest of soft drinks, molded furniture table, chair, tool and food products like- Biscuits, Laccha-Semai and different kinds of products. The organization which started only with one room in 1969 having one hand-moulding machine, after many years in 2004 the whole factory has the expansion of 10 acres of area and 1,00,000 square feet area 15 kilometer away from Dhaka International Airport in Jirabo of Savar area with 24 injection Moulding for producing Hangers and the cost of this at present is above 10 million US Dollar. A new plastic product producer company Bengal Wares Ltd. the sister concern of Bengal Plastic has recently distributed modern molded furniture in the market, whose many branches of sales center have spread over the nook and comer of Bangladesh. Not only this, Bengal Group of Industries recently has purchased almost 33 large-small units of Romania Biscuits and Beverage Ltd. -one of pioneer of food industries and has produced food and distributed them. Bengal Group of Industries is contributing a lot by reducing the unemployment problems of Bangladesh and making expert manpower. Bengal Group of Industries is doing very important role by exporting products and by earning foreign currencies. The group consists of Bengal Plastic Industries Ltd. Consists – 3 UNITS, Bengal Adhesive & Chemical Products Ltd., Bengal Overseas Corporation Ltd., Romania Food & Beverage Ltd., Bengal Poly & Paper Sacks Ltd.’ Bengal Concept and Holdings Ltd., Poly Cord Industries Ltd., Bengal Corrugated Carton Industries Ltd. , Bengal Spinning & Weaving Ltd., Bengal Hyper Market Ltd. ,Windsor Plastics (BD) Ltd., Bengal Teletech Ltd. More to add in the portfolio in the coming years.

Almost 35 years experienced Bengal Group of Industries has attracted a large customers and suppliers by distributing and producing new products. Every product of this group is world standard. And these were possible for the person himself Morshed Alam the life blood of Bengal Group of Industry’s chairman and managing director and by his honesty, labor and long vision. Mr. Morshed Alam is the Advisor, National life Insurance Co., Ltd., Chairman, RTV., Chairman, Desh General Insurance Co., Ltd., Director, Mercantile Bank Ltd., Director, United Hospital Ltd., Director, The People’s University of Bangladesh. Mr. Morshed Alam Awarded CIP in 1996, 1997 & in 2001, Recipient of Prime Minister’s National Export Trophy – Silver , during the FY 1997-98 & Gold -during the FY 2000-2001 and 2006-2007, Recipient of “Best Enterprise Award – 2007″ (Awarded by DHL / The Daily Star). He is the Founder of Morshed Alam, High School at Nateswar, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali, Life Donor of Ideal High School, Motijheel, Dhaka , Life Donor of Bazra High School, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali, Life Donor and Chairman of West Nateswar Primary School, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali, Donated and Constructed few Madrashas & Masjids in Nateswar, P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali and other Districts., Actively involved with organizations in his native area under P.S. Sonaimury, District Noakhali for the improvement of Living Standards of the people and Eradication of the Poverty in the Neighborhood.

Morshed Alam is a dynamic personality; the outcome of his long term vision is the continuous enrichment of the group. The success of Bengal Group of Industries lies in the production of goods and distribution and quality standard services. The success has come to Mr. Morshed Alam for his activeness, sincerity, and adjustment of new technology and products and utmost concentration. With him his own brother Mr. Jasim Uddin, Director, of Bengal Group of Industries and his son Directors of the Group Humayun Kabir Bablu, Firoz Alam, Shamsul Alam & Saiful Alam’s expertise meritorious young spiritual labor have taken the company to the crest of success. The company has not only contributions to raise the economy of country but also ease the way to earn foreign currencies. Bengal Group of Industries with modern and technological knowhow, expert manpower, mentality with long term vision and a bunch of expert officer-executive is the proud organization of our country. It is to say that, from the very beginning Bengal Group of Industries has strong mentality in quality standard, modern technology etc. that are luminous and ever-increasing. In every step to be in the first row in international standard is inherent.

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