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Momen seeks to build solid partnership with neighbours, others

Momen seeks to build solid partnership with neighbours, others

DHAKA: Newly appointed Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul
Momen yesterday said Dhaka would seek to build “solid partnership” with immediate
neighbours and other crucial development allies to elevate the country’s
economic status, pursuing a rigorous economic diplomacy.

“We will seek partnership with all friendly countries (and) we want that
partnership on solid base, on the basis of our trust and sovereignty,” he
said in his first media appearance after assuming his duty a day after he was
sworn in as the minister.

An economist by background, Momen said his office would focus on economic
diplomacy for realizing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visions to elevate
Bangladesh’s status as a higher middle income country by 2021 and achieve
sustainable development goals by 2030.

He said foreign office would act as a partner of other concerned
ministries to draw more foreign investments as well.

“We would like to help all concern ministries and departments to attract
more foreign investment in the country,” he said.

The minister said development goals like the Delta Plan 2100 would be
another priority issues of his ministry as well as part of the government
aspiration to make the country Sonar Bangla (golden Bangladesh) in real terms
as dreamt by Bangabandhu.

“These are not easy tasks. we got lots of challenge. But, we are a
victorious nation, we will be able to overcome the challenges,” he said.

Momen said Dhaka would continue to pursue the “friendship to all and malice
towards none” policy set by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur

“We believe in this policy. And for that we never fail during any election
at the United Nations,” he said.

Momen said the new government needs cooperation from all quarters of the
society including academicians, businessman and media to implement the
development visions. “We need active cooperation, collaboration and
importantly partnership from all in this regards.”

He said another priority of his ministry is to celebrate 100-year birth
anniversary of Father of the Nation in 2020 and Silver Jubilee of Bangladesh
independence in 2021.

Momen said the Prime Minister by now gave directives to all ministers to
work for every citizens of the country irrespective of political affiliations
and belief.

Earlier, in an interview with BSS on Monday, Momen said intense relations
with neighbours like India and China would remain as a major policy while he
would try to cultivate more effective ties with all major foreign nations
like the US, UK and France keeping intact Bangladesh’s integrity.

“In no time in the recent history our relations with India was so good, we
will maintain it and rather take it to further,” said Momen, who previously
served as Bangladesh’s permanent envoy to the United Nations with concurrent
accreditation to South American republics of Chile and Peru.

Simultaneously, he said, Dhaka would try to reap benefits of its ties with
China as it offered a huge amount as credit for Bangladesh’s development.

Momen identified the Rohingya crisis as a major challenge while he
preferred to call it an “economic issue” but feared it could affect the
regional stability unless addressed through a consorted effort all.

“The issue needs to be solved as immediate as possible, otherwise it would
affect stability of the entire region,” he told BSS after the swearing in
ceremony yesterday.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs M Shahriar Alam and Foreign Secretary M
Shahidul Haque were, among others, present while foreign ministry officials
welcomed Momen at the ministry with bouquet.

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