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January 14, 2018 - PM calls for literary pursuit to fight evil forces
January 14, 2018 - Pranab Mukherjee due in city today
January 14, 2018 - President, PM for household database for social safety net
January 14, 2018 - AL rules out BNP’s demand for dialogue
January 14, 2018 - 4G application submission today
January 9, 2018 - PM asks police to be more peoples’ friendly
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January 9, 2018 - Tarana for enhancing standard of BTV
January 9, 2018 - EC to announce DNCC by-polls schedule today
January 9, 2018 - 662 stalls to be set up at Ekushey book fair
January 9, 2018 - Work to avoid unfair practices in exams: Nahid
January 6, 2018 - Experts appreciate country’s success in economic field in 9 years
January 6, 2018 - Sheikh Hasina becomes role model of development: Mahmood Ali
January 6, 2018 - Staying away from next polls would be suicidal for BNP: Quader
January 6, 2018 - Shahjahan pays tribute to Bangabandhu’s mazar at Tungipara
January 6, 2018 - Edn system should be modernized: Mustafa Jabbar
January 6, 2018 - Over 4 lakh travelers use Darshona check post in 2017
January 4, 2018 - 70th founding anniversary of BCL today
January 4, 2018 - Next polls to be held under EC: Quader
January 4, 2018 - Country’s first six-lane flyover opens in Feni today
January 4, 2018 - Cabinet reshuffled, new 3 ministers get portfolios
December 13, 2017 - Joy inaugurates emergency service ‘999’
December 13, 2017 - BNP must join polls to avoid existence crisis: Quader
December 13, 2017 - First ever National ICT Day celebrated
December 13, 2017 - AL will win in next polls: Matia
December 13, 2017 - Tofail for strengthening WTO’s initiatives to increase trade
December 12, 2017 - I have no desire to be lawmaker or minister: Joy
December 12, 2017 - PM reaches Paris to attend One Planet Summit
December 12, 2017 - EC to take decision to hold election in 36 newly formed wards of DNCC and DSCC this week
December 12, 2017 - Joy opens national emergency services 999 today
Lot more on Digital Bangladesh coming: Joy

Lot more on Digital Bangladesh coming: Joy

DHAKA: Prime Minister’s ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy yesterday said a tremendous achievement has been made about Digital Bangladesh over the last seven years and a lot more is coming.

“It has been a while since I have written about Digital Bangladesh … a tremendous amount has been achieved in the past 7 years. A lot more is coming,” Joy wrote in his Facebook post.

The PM’s ICT adviser said: “We have already introduced e-tendering and e-filing for the government and they are slowly being adopted by various ministries.”

He wrote e-tendering will reduce corruption as there will be no need to go to an office to submit tenders. “The tenders will also be processed electronically so no one can manipulate them,” Joy wrote.

The PM’s ICT adviser said e-filing will be used by the government agencies to speed up file processing. There will be automatic monitoring of time taken to process files.

Joy wrote: “Government officers will be awarded points based on the time taken and these points will be used to calculate bonuses and promotions … so, they will have an incentive not to delay.”

He said various citizen registries such as birth registrations, drivers licenses, etc. are all being connected to the National ID system to eliminate fraud.

Joy wrote security is being designed into these systems from the beginning. They have segmentation as well as advanced access control systems.

“We have also undertaken projects to get fiber optic cable to each and every union in the country by 2018 … the goal is to have 5 mbps connections available anywhere in the country by then,” he said.

The PM’s ICT adviser said: “If you are not aware, our central government web portal already has a section with all Government forms available in one place for download.”

“Most of them can even be filled out and submitted online. You don’t have to come to a government office unless you need to make payment or submit other documents.”

“All of this has been achieved only because of our Awami League government … without the Awami League, there would be no Digital Bangladesh,” Joy wrote.

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