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Let new generation know real history: PM

Let new generation know real history: PM

DHAKA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday called upon
all to make the new generation aware of the real history of the nation which
reached its destination through tremendous sacrifices and struggles.

“Our new generation should be known the real history of the events. The
history of the independence of Bangalee is a unique example of how a nation
could reach its destination through sacrifice, subjugation and bloodshed,”
she said.

The prime minister said this while inaugurating the month-long Amar
Ekushey Book Fair 2019 on Bangla Academy premises here this afternoon.

Focusing on the real history of Language Movement, the prime minister said
many people spread distorted information on the history of the movement even
on Great War of Liberation.

The “Unfinished Memoirs of Bangabandhu” and the “Secret Documents of the
Intelligence Branch on the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur
Rahman,” are important sources for new generation to know the real history,
she said.

On the occasion, the prime minister unveiled the cover of the second part
of the “Secret Documents of the Intelligence Branch on the Father of the
Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,” which contains the events of jail
life of Bangabandhu in 1951 and 1952.

The “Secret Documents of the Intelligence Branch on the Father of the
Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” is being published in 14 volumes
where many unknown facts on Bangabandhu’s struggle for independence were

Chairman of the Bangla Academy Dr Anisuzzaman presided over the function
while state minister for cultural affairs K M Khalid, eminent Bengali Indian
poet Shankha Ghosh and Egyptian writer, journalist and researcher Mohsen Al
Arishi were present as special guests.

Cultural affairs secretary Dr Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal, president of
Gyan O Srijanshil Prokashona Samity Farid Ahmed also spoke on the occasion
where Director General of the Bangla Academy Habibullah Sirajee gave the
welcome address.

The prime minister also handed over Bangla Academy Sahitya Purashkar 2019
to four recipients in different categories. They are Kazi Rosy (poetry),
Muhith Kamal (literature), Syed Md. Shahed (easy and research) and Afsan
Chowdhury (research on Liberation War).

After the partition of British India in 1947, the Language Movement was
launched at the beginning of 1948, Sheikh Hasina said, adding Father of the
Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was closely associated with the
movement from the very beginning.

In this regard the prime minister underlined some quotes from book, “Secret
Documents of Intelligence Branch on Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh
Mujibur Rahman.”

A weekly secret report issued from Faridpur SP office as mentioned in the
book, says, an all-out Hartal was called in Gopalganj on the March 16, 1948
protesting the arrest of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, she said quoting the book.

The book stated that in the afternoon, students of S.N. Academy and M.N.
Institute brought out a protest rally in the town chanting ‘We demand Bangla
as State Language’, Down with Nizamuddin, ‘Set Mujib Free’.

On January 4, 1949, a ‘Protest Day against Oppression’ was observed in
Dhaka. On this occasion, a meeting was held on the campus of Dhaka University
with the presence of students from different other institutions, the premier
quoted the book again.

Referring to `Unfinished Memoirs of Bangabandhu’, Sheikh Hasina stated that
the decision of observing February 21, 1952 as State Language Day was taken
in a secret meeting held at a cabin of Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Ailing Bangabandhu was admitted in the cabin, Sheikh Hasina, eldest
daughter of Bangabandhu, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, “It is a matter of great pleasure for Bangalee nation
that the book “The Unfinished Memoirs by Bangabandhu” has been translated
into many languages across the world.

The prime minister said the 21st February has now been recognised as the
International Mother Language Day. This has also been materialised by Awami
League government.

She recalled the effort by Bangladeshi expatriates in Canada late Rafiqul
Islam, Abdus Salam and others to achieve UNESCO recognition.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has established an International Mother
Language Institute in Dhaka for developing, fostering, preserving and
restoring mother languages of different language groups and communities.

The prime minister said this year Bangalee people will celebrate the
anniversaries of the Mass Upsurge of 1969 and the conferring of the
‘Bangabandhu’ title on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman will complete 50 years this

“There is a close link between the two events and the independence of
Bangladesh. The aspiration of independence of Bangalee was materialised
through the events like the Language Movement of 1952, Mass Upsurge of 1969
and absolute Victory in the 1970 election.

Sheikh Hasina said she is pleased to know that Bangla Academy has arranged
seminars commemorating the two historic events.

Praising the Bangla Academy’s efforts in making the Ekushey Book Fair as
the longest book fair in the world, the prime minister said now Bangla
Academy is significant not only as a centre for selling and purchasing books,
but also deeply associated with the national spirit of Bangalee nation.

On the occasion of the fair, the Bangalees living across the globe not only
turn back home but the foreigners also come here to see how deeply Bengalis
cherish love for books, she added.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman promoted the dignity
and glory of the Bengali language by delivering speech in Bangla in the
United Nations National General Assembly (UNGA). Following the footprint of
Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina said she also has been delivering speeches every
year in Bangla in the UNGA.

Laying importance on exchanging literature and knowledge with other
countries, the prime minister said her government always encourages
translation of literature as well as studies of literature and culture.

The government has set an example by handing over millions of textbooks to
students on the very first day of the every academic year, she said.

“As a result, our young generation starts their new year with new books
which is a unique occasion in the history of education,” she added. The prime
minister expressed delight that Bangla Academy has taken initiatives for
translating our literary classics. She hoped that this programme will be more
extended in future to introduce glorious works on Bangla language and
literature to the people of the world.

Sheikh Hasina said to cope with the digital publications; her government
is effectively running many programs for launching e-books.

The prime minister said the nation will celebrate Mujib Year in 2020-2021
along with the Golden Jubilee of the Independence in 2021. She expressed her
firm resolve to take the country to a new height marking these three great

“We want to establish a golden Bangladesh free from hunger, poverty,
illiteracy, militancy, terrorism, corruption and irregularities,” she said
hoping that the countrymen will be with her government in achieving these

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