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Joy urges Chhatra League leaders to work for country’s welfare

DHAKA, Nov 14, 2014 :  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Information and Communication joyTechnology (ICT) affairs adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy yesterday called upon the leaders of Chhatra League to work for the country’s welfare with their merit and labour.

“Nobody will be spared if found involved in terrorism in the educational institutions using the name of Chhatra League. Chhatra League will have to be a well organised body to take leadership of Awami League in the future,” he said while exchanging views with a delegation of Chhatra League at Gano Bhaban in the city.

Chhatra League president HM Badiuzzaman Sohag presided over the function conducted by general secretary Siddiqui Nazmul Alam and state minister for information and communication technology Junaid Ahmed Polak was present, among others.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, also son of the Prime Minister said, “All the educational institutions across the country should be safe. Hand him/her over to police if anybody is found involved in terrorism on any campus. We will not tolerate those who will indulge in terrorism. We do not have to be worried about if we remain honest. If anybody takes proper education he does not need to indulge in corruption and extortion.”

In this context, he called upon the leaders and workers of Chhatra League to work together to translate into reality the slogan-“Safe campus, clean campus”.

The Prime Minister’s adviser said, “Leaders and workers should keep in mind that they should not be involved in activities that would give Chhatra League a bad name. Everybody becomes Chhatra Leaguers and Awami Leaguers when the party is in power. They hatch conspiracy against us to indulge in corruption for reaping benefits.”

He said the anti-liberation elements have been involved in conspiracy against Awami League as the war of liberation was fought under its leadership and there was also conspiracy in 1971.

“The reality is that a section of people in our country, who did never want an independent and sovereign Bangladesh and who were the agents of Pakistan, have been indulging in spreading propaganda against us. There’s no need to pay heed to such sort of propaganda,” Sajeeb Wazed Joy said adding: “These anti-liberation elements are hiding among us. They are in the movement till now in favour of Pakistan as they didn’t want to do any welfare for the country.”

He said, “Compared to other students’ bodies Chhatra League has been maintaining some specific rules and regulations. There is an age limit for becoming a member of Chhatra League and beyond the age bar no one can be its member.”

The Prime Minister’s adviser said, “Our economy has been gaining momentum as Awami League government has been ensuring progress of the country. In regard to the momentum in economy, our economy now ranks fourth in the world. There are adequate opportunities now for anybody to stand on his/her own feet in our country by his/her income-earnings utilising merit and labour. There’s no need to indulge in corruption and extortion here. Those who indulge in such activities have lacking in their character.”


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