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December 25, 2018 - DB police arrests two BNP activists for distribution money
Habib Ullah Dawn,MD, Auto Museum Ltd. Director, EXIM Bank Ltd.

Habib Ullah Dawn,MD, Auto Museum Ltd. Director, EXIM Bank Ltd.

A trendsetter as a ‘Luxury Car Importer’ Mr. Habib Ullah Dawn is a leading business personality who started to work with a commitment to build a ‘Digital Bangladesh’ around one and a half decade back. He is also one of the celebrities in Automobile business, a fast growing sector in Bangladesh. Md Habib Ullah has turned into a very well-known Luxury Car Importer within a very short span of time among the people of this sector by virtue of his relentless efforts, sincerity and strong determination. He is the Managing Director of Auto Museum Ltd, a high cost luxury car marketing organization. He is the Former President of Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers & Dealers Association, BARVIDA. Born in Dhaka, this young entrepreneur passed his S.S.C from Dhanmondi Boys High School. After passing his H.S.C and B.A from Dhaka City College he initiated his career as a businessman by introducing a show room at Nayapaltan on June 8, 1996 in the capital and since then he did not have to look back. He crossed the stairs of success on after another and became a renowned businessman very shortly. Auto Museum made the other business people puzzled by importing and marketing the high cost luxury cars as they (other businessmen) do not think to import a reconditioned vehicle at the cost of TK. ten to fifteen lakh. Mr.Dawn decides to break such custom of importing costly vehicles and accordingly within a very short time he introduced a show room at Gulshan. He became successful to import such luxury cars in accordance with the choice of high profile industrialists and business people of the country. “A vehicle is very necessary for the concerned people or organization as industries, service sectors and communications network have been expanded throughout the country.  “A luxury car could uphold the status as well as the personality of a well off man. Such type of vehicles could be only a companion in time of emergency needs and it could accelerate our economy”, young entrepreneur Mr. Dawn strongly believes.

Although Auto Museum started its journey from Naya Paltan (Inner Circular VIP Road) but now its head office located at Gulshan- 2, a posh area of the capital city which was inaugurated on March, 2004. Apart from its branch office at Naya Paltan its two proposed show room are at Baridhara which is under construction and Tejgaon industrial area. Auto Museum imports new brand cars along with reconditioned private car, jeep, microbus and minibus mainly from Japan. The number of imported cars especially from Japan is 800-1000 and following are the brands name: TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, HONDA, LEXUS, HUMMER and CADILAC. Recently Auto Museum has become the sole distributor of classic handmade MITSUOKA Motor Japan.

Besides   Auto Museum Ltd. Mr. Habib Ullah Dawn is also involve in other business organization such as A.M. Corporation (established October 8, 2003 related to car import business), Alpha Housing Ltd, Chameli Glass Works Ltd. and Atlanta Enterprise. He is a director of Exim Bank Ltd. and also a member of Dhaka Club, Golf Club and Gulshan Club. He is involved with Japan Bangla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JBCCI), and Ducth- Bangla Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Habib Ullah Dawn is a worthy son of Mr. Abdur Razzak and Late Parveen Sultana Begum. His other three brothers are Md. Aslam Abdullah (Expatriate USA), Md. Nurullah John and Hamid Ullah Prince. He is only sister Kohinur Sultana, wife of Omar Faruk. All of them are involved business activities.

Alongside business activities Mr. Habib Ullah Dawn has a close association with other socio-cultural organizations. He established different socio-culture organizations and has a widely reputation for financial co-operation of those institutions.  His business organization Auto Museum Ltd. was awarded several times by banks for highest selling of cars. It secured first position and received HSBC Auto Loan Award-2004, SCB Auto Loan-2005. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of our national economy Mr. Habib Ullah Dawn also received many awards/crests from different socio-cultural organizations. This young entrepreneur also visited many countries of the world on business trips.

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