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Give topmost priority to human rights: PM

Give topmost priority to human rights: PM

SARDA, Rajshahi:  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked the fresh police officers for giving topmost priority to fundamental rights of the people, human rights and establishing rule of law while discharging their professional duties.

“I would like to tell the new police officers to give the highest priority to fundamental rights of people, human rights and establishing rule of law during performing their professional duties,” she said.

The prime minister was addressing the passing-out parade of the 34th BCS batch of assistant superintendents of police (ASPs) at the Bangladesh Police Academy at Sarda here this morning.

The premier expressed her firm belief that the new police officers would be engaged in ensuring overall welfare of the country with their acquired knowledge, discipline, professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

In this context, Sheikh Hasina mentioned that she always wants to see police in a role of the “protectors of the law”.

“The existing law of the country, honesty and moral values would guide the police force towards discharging their professional duties,” she said.

She also directed the new ASPs to uphold the glorious role the members of Bangladesh Police played during the great War of Liberation following the path of their predecessors with patriotism, professionalism and unbound bravery.

Sheikh Hasina took salute, reviewed the parade by riding on an open jeep and distributed medals among the best probationary ASPs.

A total of 150 ASPs, including 26 female ones, passed the course.

On her arrival near the saluting dais, the prime minister was received by Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, inspector general of police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Haque and principal of the academy and Additional IGP Mohammad Najibur Rahman.

Ministers, parliament members, diplomats of different countries and high civil and military officials were present on the occasion.

Terming Bangladesh Police as a symbol of peace, security and discipline, the premier expressed her firm determination to establish a smart, professional, skilled and people-friendly police force to fulfil the expectations of the country’s people.

She said that the members of Bangladesh Police have discharged their duties with bravery not only during the War of Liberation, but also in crisis moment of the country.

Sheikh Hasina said the sincerity, efficiency and professionalism of police personnel in maintaining the continuity of democracy and establishing rule of law are being acclaimed by the countrymen.

The prime minister said the efficiency and capability of the police in combating militancy and terrorism as well as improving law and order have been acclaimed by different quarters.

“The glorious role of Bangladesh Police members in the UN peacekeeping missions has brightened further the country’s image in the international arena,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the continued success of Bangladesh Police in combating militancy and terrorism has been recognized not only at home, but also in the international arena.

Reiterating her government’s zero tolerance policy against militancy and terrorism, she said the police force and the intelligence agencies have been performing their duties with utmost efficiency.

“They are providing security to the life and property of the people and ensuring peace and security of the country,” she said.

In this context, she said that the countrymen with profound respect would recall those police personnel, who have embraced martyrdom during the anti-militancy drives.

The prime minister said that the government has been implementing massive programmes for the development of century-old Sarda Police Academy, known as the “home of police”.

She said that a decision has already been taken to allocate additional 100 acres of khas land adjacent to the academy along the Padma River to ensure proper training to the fresh cadre police officers.

“Bangladesh Police Academy, Sarda is being built as ‘Center of Excellence’. For this we’re continuing reorganization of its organogram, increasing manpower, continuing supply of necessary vehicles, equipments and logistics,” she said.

The prime minister mentioned that the modern classrooms, computer labs, language lab, forensic demonstration lab, driving and shooting simulator are playing a supporting role in providing time-befitting training.

Besides, she said, the present government has established the Police Staff College to provide modern training to the high police officers.

“There is no need to raise demands before us for the development and progress of Bangladesh Police. “In many cases, I take necessary steps on my own initiative,” she said.

Mentioning that stable law and order situation is a precondition of development for any country, Sheikh Hasina said her government considers allocations in the law and order sector as not expenditure, rather investment.

The prime minister also highlighted her government’s steps for developing the police force, saying: “We’ve fulfilled most of the pledges that we had given before the December 29, 2008 election for modernizing Bangladesh Police.”

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh was liberated under the leadership of Bangabandhu. “So we know whatever things are necessary to build an organization befitting with an independent country,” she said

“We are taking necessary steps for establishing the police force in such a way so that it could move keeping pace with the world,” she added.

After assuming office in 2009, she said, 739 new cadre posts along with more than 42 thousand non-cadre posts have been created in the organizational structure of the police.

She also mentioned providing necessary vehicles and equipment, the formation of Counter Terrorism Unit to eliminate militancy and terrorism, the formation of Industrial Police, the Police Bureau of Investigation, the Tourist Police, the River Police and two Special Security and Protection Battalions as well as establishment of several specialized police units.

Sheikh Hasina said 30 in-service training centers have been set up across the country, including special training center ‘APBN’, while the work on establishment of four such centres is underway.

Probationer ASP Swandip Sarkar conducted the parade as the parade commander, while Probationer ASP Imar Uddin was its second-in-command.

Among the trainees, Swandip Sarkar received the award of “Best Probationer” while Md Mashukur Rahman took the award of “Best Academic” and Md Belal Hossain the “Best-in Horsemanship” award from the prime minister.

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