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BNP doesn’t have roadmap but has roadblock for poll: Inu

BNP doesn’t have roadmap but has roadblock for poll: Inu

DHAKA:Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu said that the proposals submitted by BNP to the Election Commission (EC)clearly reveal that they had no not electoral road map but had roadblocks for holding a proper election.

“It is a proposal to complicate the situation not for electoral participation,” Inu said.

The minister was speaking at a press conference at the Press Information Department (PID) auditorium here yesterday.

He said there was nothing new in the BNP proposals. “They were basically saying the old things, over and over again,” he said.

“Their demand for a neutral, election assisting government and dissolution of parliament did not go with the spirit of the constitution. Moreover, the court had ruled that such a political set up was illegal,” he said.

Referring to the BNP’s demand of deploying the armed forces with magisterial power, Inu said that in each constituency a judicial magistrate and an executive magistrate were deployed and there was no scope for appointing any further magistrates.

He also said that the armed forces would remain as a reserve force to be deployed by the EC, whenever necessary.

He said that the demand for deployment of the army was a deep-rooted conspiracy to make the armed forces controversial.

They had been deployed during the 2008 election but that, too, was contested by the BNP.

“The same was true of 1996,” Inu said. “Whenever BNP lost an election they did not spare the armed forces from criticism,” he said.

“We should not encourage this practice in the national interest,” he said.

Referring to BNP’s proposal for a “party or alliance’s nominee” he said it was a conspiratorial way to involve the militants, Jamatis and other outlawed elements in the electoral process.

Referring to another question by a journalist, regarding the CEC’s comments about Zia he said that it was unbecoming of anybody holding a constitutional position to make comments about history or politics. “It undermines the position,” he said.

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