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Bipasha Hayat’s solo painting exhibition begins today

Staff Correspondent: Bipasha Hayat is known to most as an accomplished TV, film and stage actor. Currently, she is hosting a popular celebrity show which is aired on a TV channel.

To her fans, Bipasha Hayat is most known as an accomplished actor. But, there is another lesser known side of Bipasha, which is only known to her relations and close friends.

The talented actor and TV show host, Bipasha Hayat is also a painter, who loves to depict her thoughts with intriguing colours. Featuring 68 such paintings of Bipasha Hayat, a solo painting exhibition titled The Journey Within opens at Bengal Gallery of Fire Arts today. The exhibition will continue until 3 November. This is the first solo exhibition of Bipasha Hayat. Speaking about her works, Bipasha said, “I have given my best to create the works. I have tried to reveal my thoughts through these paintings,”

The title of the event The Journey Within (Bangla title: Bhromi Bishyoye) indicates a journey which takes us to an intricate world of interactive forms, suggestive colours and shifting spaces of the human mind. “The abstraction in my works does not represent an idea, thought, feeling and so on. It is rather an attempt to give shapes to various manifestations and representations of my feelings and thoughts,” she added.

Bipasha has always made attempts to explore the inner world of a person – the changing contours of mind as it records pain, pleasure, alienation or exuberance.

She is also an explorer of nature, its colours and how nature influences human mind. Her work Landscape, done in acrylic on canvas, has depicted the lush green of nature.

“While adding touches to the green leaves in a painting, special care has been taken to make it sure that true colour of the leaves has been used,” said Bipasha.

Actor Bipasha Hayat did her MFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA), Dhaka University in 1998. After she graduated from the university, Bipasha took part in a group art exhibition at Divine Art Gallery, Pan Pacific Sonergaon Hotel. Prior to that, her works were also displayed at Miniature Painting Exhibition in Gallery Tone, Dhaka in 1996. Later, Bipasha took part in Nine Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition at Zainul Gallery, FFA in 2002. Back then, her works mostly highlighted figurative styles.

A turning point for artist Bipasha Hayat was the exhibition, titled Spontaneity, in 2002. It was a duet exhibition of Bipasha Hayat and Biplob Saha. The exhibition was held at the Zainul Gallery. Following the exhibition, she has developed an abstract style to express her thoughts, experiences and social problems people meet in their everyday lives.

“During my time in acting, I came across people of different characters. I tried to explore human mind and carefully noted down my ideas and understanding which later proved invaluable for my works. My paintings, through their abstract compositions, thus tell stories which are related to the human experience,” said Bipasha.

The paintings took a total of 10-month time to complete. Sharing her experience, Bipasha said, “I have spent the time on my works and thinking about which colours would suit to them. And thus, I have created an earthly representation of the paintings in my mind.”

“After completion of each work, I used to call my friends and relatives, show them my paintings and seek their comments on my works,” she said.

About her inspiration, Bipasha said, “I have a habit of reading books since my childhood. My father used to buy a lot of books regularly, which I read during my pastime. In fact, my greatest inspiration has come from the knowledge I gathered reading books.”

The exhibition is open from 12:00pm to 8:00pm till 3 November.

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