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Al Hajj Khandakar Ruhul Amin,Chairman, Khandakar Group

Al Hajj Khandakar Ruhul Amin,Chairman, Khandakar Group

Extending over the whole universe in the open market economy of gradual evolution of stream those who have reached non-government industrial institutions at the top of the great achievement with their talent and efficiency as a well established trader Al-Hajj Khandakar Ruhul Amin is one of them. Particularly post independence in Bangladesh, “Khandakar Tea- Company” was able to bring a great change in Tea-industry of the country. Khandakar Ruhul Amin accesses to industry arena through tea-Industry. At Present he is well known as a helmsman of multipurpose trade and commerce. As an Industrial entrepreneur, he merely did not expand business Sector, he also arranged employment for the youth Society of the country.

Khandaker Ruhul Amin is a popular name in the business community for his dynamic leadership and pleasant personality. He proved himself to be an inevitable personality in the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the apex body of the business community of the country, in different occasions. Mr. Amin was elected the Director in three consecutive terms taking effect from 1996 to 2000 (1996-1998, 1998-2000. 2000-2002). The last election of the FBCCI was held on the 19th June of this year and Mr. Amin is an elected Member of the Board of Directors of this committee as 4th term.

Khandaker Ruhul Amin successfully floated some sister concerns such as New Hotel Yeameny International Ltd., Khandaker Palace International Limited all of which maintain dignity, prestige and exception.

As a well-established business man, he contains various virtue and work skillness. He is an honest, Industrious and well-wisher of the society. Khandakar Ruhul Amin was born in 1955 a respectable Muslim family of a village Galimpur under Dhaka district. His father’s name is Khandakar Nasir Uddin Ahmed. Mr. Ruhul Amin took his Position as a steersman of tea-Company in 1978.

He did his post graduation in management from Dhaka University with honors. Alongside departmental store, he is related to various businesses. He is the Chairman of hotel Yeameny International (Pvt.) Ltd., an international standard hotel in the capital city.

He achieved Sher-e-Bangla Medal for his contribution in Porjotan Industry in 200I. He received Bangladesh Journalist Award and Journalist Kallayan Organization for his Contribution in the same sector in 2001.

Besides these, he received some awards including International Netaji Suvash Chandra Bashu award in 2001. Mr. Khandakar Ruhul Amin was a founder President of Bangladesh Restaurant owner Association. He is a former director of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce Industry (FBCC1) and one of the members of BST1 he is a one of members of European Tourism Council.

He represents as only one executive member of SAARC Tourism Council and in the Association of Bangladesh Human Rights Bureau. Mr. Ruhul Amin has been contributing in the field of education since a long time. He is a Vice President of Bangladesh Student Welfare trust. Every year this personality gives meritorious students “Khandakar Tea-Award” and the teachers of school and college who had earned creditable activities in the field of education, they are also given “Khandaker Tea-Award”

He has travelled many countries of the world including England, America, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & European union etc. for business purposes as well as for participating in different international Seminars Meetings etc. to represent Bangladesh.

Khandakar Ruhul Amin is an energetic, creative and a successful Businessman. His outstanding activities and performance has brought a revolutionary change in the field of economy. He has also introduced a new dimension in economic sector by his significant contribution.

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